1. We meet

Our first meeting is often a long one (almost always accompanied by good coffee) and it’s where we get to know you and your business.

We’ll sit, listen and ask questions until we understand what you do and how far down the rabbit hole you want to go to reach your desired logo and brand identity.

2. The proposal

Just like a marriage, we need to get engaged first and that means a proposal. You can expect to see our graphic design recommendations within a few days of our first meeting.

The proposal will detail our vision for your brand, recommended media spots and budget. If you have any questions, ask away and we’ll be happy to clarify anything. Then, if you’re ready to give us the green light, we’ll send you a deposit invoice and our T&Cs.

3: Creative research and development

This is where the creative doors are unlocked. We spend hours researching your target market, your competition and delving into various other outlets to fine tune our creative ideas for your business.

It’s also your chance to fire across anything that has caught your eye; a font, a postcard, a colour, a shape – nothing is too out there!

6: The brand media puzzle

Now you have your visual identity, it’s time to work out ‘how’ and ‘where’ we’re going to drive it to reach your ideal customers. From business cards to billboards, we only recommend media spots that will work for your business and you’ll have final say before bookings are made.

5: Feedback and refinement

Hit us with it! Your feedback will help us tweak the favoured concept until we hit the sweet spot – the perfect brand identity you and your customers will love. Once you sign off on the final graphic design elements, we’ll plan the media to give it wheels.

4: The big 3

It’s time for the big reveal. We’ll present three clear design concepts to you via email or face to face – it’s your choice.

We encourage you to take them away and marinate. Live with them for a few days so you can get the feel for which one you like the most. Maybe even show them to a few people that fit the target market to see which one they identify with most.

7: Create a buzz online

If your brand package includes web design or social media, this is when we nut it out. Using your clear brand story and visuals, our digital media partner will work with you to develop a strategy to boost your online presence.

8: Start that engine!

Excited yet? It’s time to launch your new brand. Our guarantee of ‘no solution, no pay’ means we’ll only fire off the final invoice (and hand you the keys to your fantastic new brand) once you’re 100% happy with our work.

9: Keeping your indentity well oiled

Every business is constantly growing and changing so it’s important not to let your message run out of gas. If you have a marketing or design idea, we’re happy to chat about it for free before providing a quote for design time.

Together we can get your customers on board by developing a brand that delivers results now and in the future. If you’re ready to press ‘go’, we’d love to hear from you.
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