Creating brands that get customers on board with professional, attention-grabbing design is what drives our mighty team of graphic designers at Brandwagon. We’re confident in what we do but we’re not digital doyens or web word wizards (although that alliteration is pretty impressive), which is why we call on our very talented, trusted partners to offer you a complete creative service.

Our partners are:

Away with words – Copywriting
Awaywithwords is a boutique writing agency that creates magic with words. The talented team of writers produces clear, effective copywriting for your target audience. Whatever your industry, they’ll produce professional content that shines.

Creating What Matters – Business Development.
As a business coach I have helped over 113 businesses make the changes they need to make to achieve growth targets even during times of recession. – I am skilled at asking the right questions and saying things that clients may have heard many times before but never really ‘got’.  When I say it they seem to get the picture and understand the importance of doing what needs to be done.

Signpost Consulting – Marketing
Signpost Consulting’s goal is to assist other businesses to succeed and meet their goals. Specialising in the SME market we help businesses to understand their customers better and ensure the product or service they are offering meets the needs of those customers as well as taking into account the dynamics of the business.

Long Exposure – Product Phogoraphy
I am an Auckland-based photographer with a particular passion for food.  As a chef for 15 years, food writer and food consultant, I have a particular interest and flair for food photography.  Using mostly natural lighting, meticulous styling and attention to detail shows food off at its best, and this approach also works well for other types of product photography.

Moments Photography – Portrait Phogoraphy
I’m an NZIPP-qualified portrait photographer, taking lots of care to capture your family’s unique dynamics. I love photographing the relationships between mums and dads, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, so you’ll never forget how your family was at that moment in time.

Custom Tabs – Social media App Development
We build web applications using the programming language PHP, HTML, CSS and MYSQL. Our network has over 150 sites with over 10,000 combined users and is hosted on New Zealand and Australian servers, which means our Australasia customers get fantastic speed and response time from our apps.

96Black – Web design & development
we live and breathe the possibilities of the Web. To help you meet your business goals we’ve assembled a team of multi-talented designers, developers, account managers, marketers and interactive producers. All the talent you need to connect your business with your target markets online.