Cheaper is not always cheerful

June 20, 2014

Cost is always a factor in branding. A lot of people think that spending thousands on their logo doesn’t seem legit, it’s just someone’s drawing right? Anyone can do it, surely?  It’s the one thing that I try to get people to understand, the value in what a great logo and brand can do for you. It’s not going to make people buy more, but it is going to get people to SEE more and REMEMBER more. The power of your customer’s subconscious mind is incredible and if you’re attracting them with the right colours, fonts or an easily identifiable shape then you are half way there to having them come back to your store again and again.

Hitting the sweet spot with your logo to speak to your target market (which we will go over in another post later) is so important in today’s business world, if you don’t hit the mark someone else will, someone who valued their brand more, someone spent a little more to get a lot more value. I’m not saying that you need to go take out a second mortgage to get a graphic roll out the size of Coca cola, what I would like to offer to you is this:

Right now there is a graphic designer out there who LOVES your idea and is just as passionate about getting you a logo that works as you are about the story it needs to represent. If you find someone who is going to be fair on price to you and themselves, then I suggest you take it. Spend that little bit extra to get a heck of a lot of value, focus on the VALUE as well as the cost and you will love the result.