Welcome aboard our newest employee!


Welcome aboard the Brandwagon, Katalya (Tali)

Tali started with us last Wednesday, but we’ve been so busy that it’s only today I have had time to write about her awesomeness.
Tali brings tons of great skills to the team, with her ability to hand draw almost anything!

it’s great having another style to work…

Cheaper is not always cheerful


Cost is always a factor in branding. A lot of people think that spending thousands on their logo doesn’t seem legit, it’s just someone’s drawing right? Anyone can do it, surely?  It’s the one thing that I try to get people to understand, the value in what a great logo and brand can do for…

Moodboards, moodboards, moodboards!


We’ve been working with one of our favourite clients at the moment on creating some moodboards for a very large company in Australia.

But what is a moodboard? Well simply put it’s a fancy collage of images that help to create the “mood” for a particular project. We use them for setting the mood for…

Good things take time


“Keep calm and let the universe take you where you need to be while you let go of how you get there” Jim Carey, smart dude! and incredibly true especially when it comes to branding.

First rule of brand club is – Don’t rush, good things take time, if it doesn’t feel right, chances are…

Welcome aboard!


Well here it is, the very first post on our BRAND new website!

I hope to be able to use this brand blog as a means of being able to express our passion for what we do, give you all some advice from the team and industry and of course tell you what we’ve been…